Amendment and invalidation of export declarations

Correcting a declaration before releasing the goods for the export procedure

The declarant can only correct all data in the export declaration up until Customs has given the decision on release of goods for the export procedure.

The correction can be requested by Customs or by the declarant. The declarant must follow-up the requests for correction and for additional data by Customs and correct all particulars affected by inaccurate data. A new export declaration cannot be submitted to replace an incorrect declaration without Customs consent.

If Customs notices that there are serious errors in the data, it rejects the declaration and sends the declarant information on this. The declarant must then send a new declaration with correct information.

If the customer notices errors in the submitted export declaration after Customs has released the goods to the export procedure, a request for amendment must be made. The declaration cannot be corrected after that.

Invalidation of a declaration

Customs can invalidate an export declaration on its own initiative or at the request of the declarant. The export declaration is invalidated either before the goods are released for the export procedure or thereafter.

  • Invalidating an export declaration / application for amendment, Customs form 701s (in Finnish)