Changes to entry declarations and temporary storage declarations

Function Case Situation in 2019 Changes in stages in 2019 and onwards
Entry Safety and security declarations when arriving from outside the EU The EU Member States have agreed, on a national level, on how a summary declaration for temporary storage and a presentation notification is lodged. In Finland, a combined notification of arrival and presentation is lodged after the entry summary declaration. In transports with shared cargo space, the presentation notification is usually submitted separately. The summary declaration for temporary storage consists of an entry summary declaration and a presentation notification. It has been suggested that the changes be implemented in stages in 2021–2025, starting with postal traffic in 2021. New mandatory security data: information on the seller and the buyer, as well as goods description and 6-digit level commodity code.
Entry Declaration in which safety and security data can be provided Entry summary declaration or transit declaration. Entry summary declaration or transit declaration. May also be another customs declaration or temporary storage declaration if approved by Customs. In the EU timetable, the planned deployment in stages in 2020–2025.
Entry Proof of Union Status The Union status of goods worth no more than 15 000 euros can be proven using an invoice or transport document without confirmation from Customs at the port of departure. Proof of Union Status can be presented at the Finnish port of destination with an entry summary declaration/summary declaration submitted via the Customs AREX system. The introduction of electronic declarations in the PoUS system of the Commission is planned for 2024–2025. The MRN issued for the declaration in PoUS is presented to customs with a presentation notification at the port of destination in Finland.
Temporary storage Declaration Summary declaration IE344 submitted to the AREX system for goods arriving by air or by sea. When goods arrive under a transit procedure, the transit declaration data will be used as a summary declaration. Temporary storage declarations planned to be submitted with the new data content to Customs’ new customs clearance by the end of 2021.
Temporary storage Movements of goods between temporary storage facilities According to the national instruction. National electronic declarations to be used for movements of goods introduced in accordance with the EU Work Programme on by the end of year 2021



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