Changes to warehousing declarations

Function Case Situation in 2019 Changes in stages in 2019 and onwards
Customs warehousing Standard customs declaration Electronic declaration is mandatory. Goods are placed under the customs warehousing procedure by submitting a standard customs warehousing declaration. A declaration can also be submitted in advance if the reference number of the previous declaration is known.


Customs warehousing Customs clearance by entry in the records When declaring goods for customs warehousing by entry in the records, the authorisation holder must send and electronic notification of presentation to Customs.  
Customs warehousing Declarations and notifications upon discharging procedures The customs warehousing procedure ends when a customs declaration for the subsequent customs procedure is accepted for the goods or when the goods exit in re-export. The holder of the customs warehousing declaration must also submit an electronic notification of discharge to Customs for the customs warehousing declarations that have been submitted electronically.  



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