Changes to authorisation applications

Function Case Situation on 1 January 2019 Changes in stages in 2019 and onwards
Authorisations Authorisations granted before the 1 May 2016 Procedures and conditions for authorisations in accordance with the UCC are applied to authorisations granted before 1 May 2016. Authorisations granted before 1 May 2016 are in force in accordance with the time limit, or until Customs has reassessed them and made a new authorisation decision. Customs contacts the authorisation holders on its own initiative in connection with the reassessment.

Application forms

Application forms revised in the spring of 2016 are used to apply for authorisations in accordance with the UCC. The completed forms are sent to Customs. Application forms revised in 2016–2017 are used to apply for authorisations in accordance with the national legislation. Authorisations in accordance with the UCC that will only be valid in Finland, can be applied for via the new national electronic system. The system will be introduced in stages, starting in early 2019 with applications for authorisations for comprehensive guarantee and payment deferment.
Authorisations Authorisations valid in more than one EU Member State A new EU-wide electronic authorisation system – Customs decisions (CD), was introduced on 2 October 2017. Authorisations involving more than one Member State are applied for via the Customs Decision system. Most of the authorisations granted by Customs are still applied for with a form from the Customs Authorisation Centre. Read more here (in Finnish) The use of the trader portal will be extended to include other Customs decisions, such as decisions on binding tariff information and AEO authorisations. These extensions are planned to be implemented towards the end of 2019.



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