Changes to authorisation applications

Authorisations granted before 1 May 2016 will be reassessed

Procedures and conditions for authorisations in accordance with the Union Customs Code (UCC) are applied to the activities covered by authorisations granted before 1 May 2016. Authorisations granted before 1 May 2016 are in force in accordance with the time limit indicated in the authorisation, or until Customs has reassessed them and issued a new decision on authorisation. Customs will contact the authorisation holders when it starts reassessing the authorisations.

Authorisation applications now

Authorisations in accordance with the UCC can be applied for either electronically or by completing a form on the Customs website and sending it to Customs. At the moment, you can apply for the following authorisations electronically:

  • authorisations for comprehensive guarantee and payment deferment
  • authorisations for simplified declarations and EIR authorisations, i.e. authorisations for placing goods under a customs procedure through an entry of data in the declarant’s records
  • warehouse authorisations
  • all authorisations involving more than one EU Member State

The electronic authorisations are applied for and process in Finland’s national authorisation system, with the exception of authorisations involving more than one Member State. The authorisations involving more than one Member State are applied for using the EU Customs Decisions System by logging in via the EU Trader Portal.

The EU Trader Portal is also used when applying for Binding Tariff Information decisions, processed in the EU BTI system, and for AEO authorisations, processed in the EU AEO system.

Changes to authorisation applications

In the future, transit, processing and specific use authorisations can also be applied for electronically in Customs’ national system.