How do I complete my application and send samples?

Exceptional circumstances regarding the sending of samples concerning BTI application requests

Send your BTI application request in accordance with the instructions. Send a sample only when Customs requests it. Customs will send a request for additional information via the BTI system and provide instructions for sending the sample.

For each goods item, please fill in a separate electronic application

You must fill in a separate application for each goods item. Describe the goods in so much detail that they can be identified and their classification according to the customs nomenclature system can be defined. Provide the precise composition, method of production, purpose of use and trade name of the goods, along with other information. Please submit your application in Finnish or Swedish.

Concise instructions for completing an application for a BTI (in Finnish)

Give your application a reference number

Enter an individual reference number in your application. Use the reference number when you send samples and/or attachments. This helps to make sure that the samples and/or attachments are linked with their related applications.

Sending samples and attachments concerning your application

When you send samples, brochures or other material by mail, please write the individual reference number included your application on them. The postal address is:

Opastinsilta 12
00520 Helsinki

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  • EBTI database (decisions on binding tariff information by Member States)

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