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How do I apply for a BTI?

Binding tariff information is applied for electronically in the BTI service. Please note the following before applying:

  1. Ensure that your business has business ID, i.e. an EORI number.
  2. Due to its binding nature, only a person authorised to sign for the applicant company can apply for binding tariff information. If that person does not apply for binding tariff information personally, they can mandate for example an employee or a representative of the company to see to the application.


Mandating someone to apply for binding tariff information is done in the service. With mandates, you can grant another person or company the mandate, i.e. the right, to transact on behalf of your company.

Note that, in addition to the binding tariff information, the mandated person can also take care of any other transactions that require an authorisation on behalf of the company. This means that, the mandated person can use both the EU’s e-service as well as the Authorisation Service of Finnish Customs.

Binding tariff information is a decision, not a permit. Please note that, the related mandates granted in the service are named

  • viewing customs authorisations
  • applying for customs authorisations.

See detailed instructions on the page  Identifiction in the EU's e-services 

How do I complete my application and send samples?

  1. Make a separate electronic application for each item in the BTI service. The application must be done in Finnish or Swedish.
  2. Describe the item in such detail that it can be identified and its classification can be determined according to the customs nomenclature. Provide the precise composition, method of production, purpose of use and trade name of the goods.
  3. Enter an individual reference number in your application. Use this reference number when you send samples and attachments. This helps to ensure that the samples and attachments are linked with their related applications.
  4. Send a sample only when Customs requests it. Customs will send a request for additional information via the BTI system and provide instructions for sending the sample. Send the sample and other material to the address 

    Customs Registry Office
    Opastinsilta 12
    00520 Helsinki. 

How to receive messages from the BTI service to your email address

All exchange of information between Customs and the applicant or the decision holder, takes place electronically via the BTI service. It is important that you add your email address in the service, so that you receive email message alerts from Customs.

Add your email in the BTI service like this:

Enter your email address via the user icon by choosing from the menu

-> Preferences -> BTI -> Email alerts.

Activate the email address field, and then you can fill in your email address. When you have entered the address, you will receive notifications from the system when the status of your application changes, you get a decision or a request for further information.

How to log in and identify yourself in the BTI service

When you log into the BTI service, the software will take you automatically to the service for identification. After identify yourself, you will be automatically transferred to the EU e-service (authentication portal). By clicking ‘BTI’ to the left on the screen in the EU e-service, you get to the BTI service. The system supports the browsers Google Chrome (version 60+) and Mozilla Firefox (version 45+).

Check the detailed instructions on identification in the EU’s e-service.

Read more

  • EBTI database (decisions on binding tariff information by Member States)

Any questions?

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For example, you can ask about following subjects:

  • commodity codes and taxes
  • import and export restrictions
  • help, if your company is only just starting an import and export business.