TIR Convention

Acceptance to the TIR system

The TIR transit procedure is a procedure subject to authorisation. The purpose of the procedure is to ensure uninterrupted movement of goods along the transport route under customs supervision. The procedure can be implemented in countries which are contracting parties of the TIR Convention.

The use of the TIR transit procedure requires Customs’ decision on acceptance to the TIR system. Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL, who granted the TIR Carnet, functions as a guarantor for the TIR transit, no separate guarantee needs to be provided to Customs.

Registration of TIR quality experts

From the beginning of 2013, only heavy vehicle inspectors registered by Customs, i.e. TIR quality experts, have been able to issue statements on the TIR condition of transport units.

The status of TIR quality expert can be applied for by a person

  • who has a certified qualification to carry out registration inspections of heavy vehicles
  • who has not committed any serious or repeated infringements of customs or tax legislation.

Before registration as TIR quality expert, the applicant must pass the test arranged by Customs on the technical regulations concerning the transport units used for TIR transports. There are two tests every year. The dates of the tests are published on Customs’ website in January. Two weeks before the test date, Customs invites the applicant to take the test.