Origin and confirmation of Union status

Authorisation for the status of authorised issuer (ACP)

Goods located within the customs territory of the Union are, as a rule, considered to be Union goods, but in particular situations the Union status of the goods must be proved. If a business has the authorisation for the status of authorised issuer, it can independently prove the Union status of the goods by issuing a T2L or T2LF document, an invoice, a transport document or a goods manifest without needing to request endorsement or registration of proofs from Customs. Paper-based proofs can be used to prove the Union status of goods until the EU-wide electronic system (PoUS) is introduced.

Authorisation for the status of authorised issuer is applied for online in the Authorisation Service via the main page for Customs’ online services.

If you are unable to log into the Authorisation Service, contact the Customs Information Service.

Approved exporter authorisation

A business established in the customs territory of the Union can apply for the status of approved exporter as referred to in the preferential rules of origin. If a business has the approved exporter authorisation, it can independently make out standardised invoice declarations or declarations of origin regardless of the value of the originating products contained in the consignment. A holder of the approved exporter authorisation also has the right to confirm A.TR. movement certificates with its special stamp.

Authorisation for accounting segregation of materials

Originating and non-originating materials that are fungible and of the same kind and commercial quality, with the same technical and physical characteristics, can be used in the working or processing of export goods. The materials are segregated in the accounts into preferential export goods and other export goods, for which no proof of origin or supplier’s declaration may be issued.

  • The authorisation can be applied for with a free-form application.

Registered exporter

The Registered Exporter System (REX) is used for registering exporters authorised to certify the origin of the goods. To REX, registered exporters can submit declarations of preferential origin according to the GSP system of the Union. Declarations can be submitted by exporters established in the customs territory of the Union and by exporters in the beneficiary countries.

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