Authorisations involving more than one Member State

Authorisations involving more than one Member State are issued by Customs. The conditions for issuing this authorisation are the same as for the corresponding national authorisation.

The authorisation involving more than one Member State can be applied for regarding most procedures and simplifications subject to authorisation. An exception to this are the simplifications concerning the transit procedure, such as the authorisations for the status of authorised consignor and authorised consignee. These authorisations are issued only as national authorisations, i.e. in the Member State where the goods are dispatched or received under the transit procedure. The application process regarding the authorisations for AEO status will not change either.

The issuing of an authorisation involving more than one Member State requires, among other things, agreement by all the participating Member States and that a system is created for exchange of information between the holder of the authorisation and the Member States.

How to apply for the authorisation?

Apply for the authorisation involving more than one Member State from the Commission’s Customs Decisions System (CD) via its trader portal.

You can apply for a user ID for the trader portal by completing an application for user authorisation (in Finnish) for the Customs Decisions System.

Send in the scanned application either by email to lupakeskus(at), or by post to Customs’ Authorisation Centre, P.O. Box 56, 90401 Oulu.

When the Authorisation Centre has notified you that the user authorisation has been created, register in the system via TAXUD Authentication Portal

We recommend that, before submitting an application, you contact Customs Business Information: yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at)

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