Authorisations granted by Customs

Where do I send my application for an authorisation?

The Customs Authorisation Centre processes the applications for authorisations submitted to Customs. The applications can be submitted to the Authorisation Centre via the online service Authorisations, by email or by post, depending on the authorisation type. Check the description of the authorisation type to see how to submit the application.

In the Authorisation Service, companies can apply for authorisations and browse their authorisation details. You can save your authorisation application as a draft, cancel an application submitted to Customs and copy a previous application as a template for a new one. You can also attach documents to applications.

More information on the online service Authorisations

If you are unable to log into the online service Authorisations, contact the Customs Information Service

Who signs the authorisation application?

A person signing on behalf of a company only needs authorisation status, in which case the right to sign the application is based on the person’s employment relationship or other contractual relationship. The signatory usually does not have to be registered in the company's trade register as a persons authorised to sign.

Private persons sign the applications themselves.

You can give another person a specific power of attorney to sign the authorisation application on your behalf.

Description of the company’s business operation

A questionnaire regarding the company's business operation is included in some of the authorisation applications. The questionnaire contains questions, for example regarding the company’s system for accounts and logistics management as well as information security. It pays to get acquainted with the questions before submitting the application. It is recommended that you attach the answers regarding your company to the application, since this speeds up the processing of the application. During the processing of the application, Customs may contact the applicant and request additional information.

Comprehensive guarantee

Most authorisations require a comprehensive guarantee granted by Customs. Such are e.g. the authorisation for inward processing and the transit and warehousing authorisations.

Processing time for authorisations

The processing time regarding the authorisations ranges from 30 days to 120 days depending on the type of authorisation. The maximum processing times for the different authorisations are defined by law. Customs processes the applications as quickly as possible.

Where do I report changes to the company’s authorisations or customs transactions?

When the name or the address of your company changes, inform Customs by sending a message to lupakeskus(at) Explain which information changes and from which date the changes are in force.

Contact information regarding authorisations granted by Customs and the new invoicing address are also sent to lupakeskus(at) 

Changes to the company form, a merger, division or starting a whole new company (new business ID) usually cause changes to the authorisations granted by Customs, or may require completely new authorisations. Notify Customs about these changes well in advance to lupakeskus(at), since processing the authorisation applications and changes take time.

If the changes concern your company’s AEO authorisation, notify Customs on the address aeo(at)

Authorisations for private persons

A customer of the Customs Authorisation Centre is generally a company, but private persons sometimes also need an authorisation or a decision from the Authorisation Centre. For example, when a person moves from a non-EU country to Finland, they might need an authorisation for advance import of removal goods free of customs duty, or a possible special authorisation. The section Exemption from customs duties contains more detailed information on the different types of authorisations with exemptions.

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