AEO and simplifications

Authorisation for the status of authorised economic operator (AEO)

An AEO is a business entitled to certain simplifications and/or facilitations relating to security and safety in its customs operations throughout the EU. The aim of the AEO programme is to guide the operator to keep improving its customs operations and their security.

The AEO programme is intended for businesses of all sizes and for various roles in the supply chain. There are two types of authorisations: AEOC and AEOS. An operator may hold both authorisations at the same time. In that case, the authorisations are managed through one number.


As of 1 October 2019, applications for AEO status will have to be made electronically through the EU Trader Portal for eAEO. You can log in to the portal here. identification and authorisation are used in the EU Trader Portal for eAEO. Read more about identification and authorisation.

In certain cases where identification or authorisation cannot yet be used, applications for AEO status can after 1 October 2019 still be made using the application form 689e. You can find the form on the page AEO forms.


Simplifications are facilitations granted to businesses that are established in the EU and that often require the same services and regularly conduct business with Customs. The purpose of the simplifications is to facilitate transactions with Customs. When a business uses electronic declaration systems and simplifications, it can conduct business with Customs at any time. The use of simplifications may also make operations of the business more effective, which brings economic benefits to the holder of the authorisation.

Authorisation to use simplified declaration (SDE)

Goods may be placed under a customs procedure on the basis of a simplified declaration which may omit certain particulars (such as the value of the goods) or supporting documents (such as the EUR.1 movement certificate). A commercial or administrative document may be used as a simplified declaration, as long as the document contains at least the particulars necessary for identifying the goods.

New SDE authorisations and amendments to valid SDE authorisations are applied for in the Authorisation Service via the main page for Customs’ e-services.

Authorisation for entry of data in the declarant’s records (EIR)

The holder of the authorisation may lodge a customs declaration through an entry of data in their records. Depending on the declaration method, the supplementary declaration is to be lodged within either seven or ten days after placing the goods under the procedure.

Authorisation for centralised clearance (CCL)

The holder of the authorisation has the right to lodge, at a customs office responsible for the place where such person is established, a customs declaration for goods which are presented to customs at another customs office. The applicant must be an AEOC.

Authorisation for self-assessment (SAS)

The holder of the authorisation can carry out certain customs formalities independently, i.e. determine the amounts of import and export duties and carry out certain controls under customs supervision. The applicant must be an AEOC. The applicant must also have the authorisation for entry of data in the declarant’s records (EIR).

Authorisation for simplification of the determination of the customs value of goods (CVA)

In certain situations, exceptions may be made to the main rule for determining the customs value of goods brought into the EU, and the customs value may be determined in a simplified way.

Authorisation for the status of authorised weigher of bananas (AWB)

The authorisation may be granted to a business that imports, transports, stores or handles fresh bananas (CN code 0809 9010). The holder of the authorisation is entitled to weigh fresh bananas in their facilities without the presence of Customs. The holder of the authorisation must have at their disposal appropriate weighing equipment and records approved by Customs.

Ship supply authorisation

Under the normal procedure, the supplier is to submit an export declaration to Customs either online or in message format separately for each consignment delivered to a ship or an aircraft. Businesses that regularly deliver a significant amount of consignments to ships or to aircraft, can apply for an authorisation for simplification for ship supplies from customs. Holders of the authorisation can submit monthly declarations for their deliveries retrospectively to Customs. However, the simplification can only be used when the ship or aircraft to which goods are delivered is located in Finland. The procedure may also involve the obligation to provide Customs with an advance declaration before the planned delivery.


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