Arrival and exit fallback procedure

When there is a disruption in Customs' or the customer's system, some of the declarations to be submitted to Customs can be submitted using a form for exceptional situations. In addition, an electronic declaration should be submitted retrospectively.

Customs will inform the customer if there is a service interruption in Customs’ systems. At the same time, Customs will also inform whether a fallback procedure can be used. 

If there is a service interruption in the customer’s system, the customer must request permission to use the fallback procedure from the Customs Electronic Service Centre at spake.varastointi(at)

Message declarants can use online declarations as a fallback procedure without any separate authorisation.

Service disruptions in the EU Commission’s ICS2 system

There is no fallback procedure for the entry summary declarations (ENS) to be submitted to the Commission’s ICS2 system; instead, the Commission has a business continuity plan (BCP) in place for system downtime.