Exit manifest presentation (IE547)

An exit manifest presentation is used when export goods exit Finland by sea, air and rail. It can be submitted as soon as the MRNs of the customs declarations submitted for the goods to be loaded onto the means of transport are available.

An approved manifest presentation is also a loading permit for goods to be loaded at a port or airport.

Points to consider

Goods to be transferred or goods that have been in temporary storage at a port or airport, must also be declared with an exit manifest presentation. The MRN and goods item numbers of the entry summary declaration or summary declaration, are declared for these goods.

When goods exit Finland by sea or air outside the EU, the transit declaration MRN must be declared with an exit manifest presentation, if the manifest presentation is used for acquiring a loading permit. 

  • If safety and security data has not been declared in the transit declaration of goods exiting the EU, then the safety and security data must be declared with a separate exit summary declaration (IE615) at the place of exit. In this case, the MRN of the exit summary declaration and the goods item numbers of the summary declaration are declared with an exit manifest presentation.
  • If the goods to be transited are loaded onto a vessel to be unloaded in the EU, then declaring the transit MRN with an exit manifest presentation is not permitted.