Declarations on exiting goods

The Union legislation requires that transport companies submit data electronically before goods they transport leave the Union.

Safety and security data can be submitted either with an export or re-export declaration, an exit notification or a transit declaration.

If a previous export procedure has been declared for the transit, then safety and security data has been submitted. If safety and security data has not been entered as part of the transit declaration, then an exit summary declaration must be submitted.

The exporter or the representative is responsible for submitting an export declaration. The transport company is responsible for submitting an exit summary declaration.

Points to consider

The European Union has entered into separate agreements with both Switzerland (including Liechtenstein) and Norway on the obligation to submit safety and security data and to perform data risk analyses. Based on these agreements, safety and security data is not required for goods arriving to or exiting these countries.

When the destination country of the goods is either Norway or Switzerland, no exit summary declaration has to be submitted, but the other exit notifications (IE547 and IE590) for the export goods are submitted.