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Arrival Notification in sea traffic (IE3470)

Submitting an arrival notification (IE3470) is optional. You can submit it via the Arrival and exit declaration service (AREX) or via message exchange. All goods can be presented to Customs with  ‘Arrival notification and presentation’ (IE347).

The operator of the active means of transport (carrier) is always responsible for submitting the notification, but they can also authorise a representative to submit it.

The arrival notification is used by operators who only unload a part of the consignment, or nothing at all, from the means of transport at the customs office of first entry. No arrival notification and presentation has to be submitted for goods that remain on the vessel.

The arrival notification can be submitted with so called Entry Key data, which consist of the transport mode at the border, the identifier of the transport vehicle at the border as well as the expected date and time of arrival.

The arrival notification for the means of transport is also an unloading request, which is a prerequisite for unloading goods arriving from a third country. A response message from Customs serves as unloading permission. When a means of transport arrives from a Union country, the goods can be unloaded prior to submitting the temporary storage declaration and the presentation notification.

When goods are transported by road or rail, the notification of the arrival of the means of transport is connected to the presentation of the goods, which means that a separate arrival notification for the means of transport cannot be submitted.