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Arrival and exit declarations

Electronic safety and security data must be submitted to Customs before goods are imported into or exported from the European Union territory. The safety and security data are details about the traders, goods, transports and routes.

Entry and exit declarations can be lodged as message declarations or online using Customs’ e-service. See more detailed guidance:

Temporary storage declarations must be submitted for goods arriving from EU (incl. Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) ports and airports.

Temporary storage declarations are not submitted for transports within Finland, e.g. when goods are transferred by sea from Vuosaari to Hanko. Undeclared goods must, however, be placed under transit. 

The transport company is responsible for submitting the declarations

The transport company is always responsible for submitting the arrival and exit declarations, even if it uses a representative to submit them. The time limits for submitting declarations are based on which mode of transport is used and the transport routes.

Introduction of new arrival declarations

From 1 March 2023, safety and security data must be declared to the Commission’s ICS2 system (Common repository) for goods arriving by air in the territory of the EU, and safety and security declarations will no longer be submitted to AREX or directly to Customs’ systems for goods arriving by air.

From 5 November 2022, temporary storage declarations and manifest presentations must be submitted for goods arriving in Finland from EU airports and ports either as a message or through the Customs Clearance Service. It will no longer be possible to submit declarations to the Arrival and exit declaration service (AREX).

Specifications to transition periods of new entry summary declarations in air traffic

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