Arrival and exit

Electronic safety and security data must be submitted to Customs before goods are imported into or exported from the Union territory. The safety and security data are details about the traders, goods, transports and routes.

When a ship or a plane, arriving from a port or airport outside the Union, is intended to visit more than one port or airport within the Union, then an entry summary declaration concerning all the transported goods must be submitted to the first customs office within the Union. A declaration must also be submitted for goods that will not be unloaded into the Union territory.

A summary declaration for temporary warehousing is only submitted to subsequent customs offices in the Union customs territory for goods that will be unloaded there.

Safety and security data on exiting goods are submitted either with an export declaration or an exit summary declaration. The safety and security data can also be provided as part of a transit declaration.

The transport company is always responsible for submitting the arrival and exit declarations, even if it uses a representative to submit them. The exporter or the representative is responsible for submitting an export declaration.

The time limits for submitting declarations are based on which mode of transport is used and the transport routes.

Information on customs territories

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