How to send a claim

Please send the application for a revised decision (including enclosures) primarily by e-mail to kirjaamo(at)

or by post to the address:

Finnish Customs / Application for a revised decision
P.O. Box 512
00100 Helsinki

In matters concerning imports to the Åland Islands or across the tax border, send the application for a revised decision with enclosures by post to

Mariehamn Customs
P.O. Box 40
22101 Mariehamn

or by e-mail to atp.skattegrans(at)

Submit the application to Customs only once. If you wish to send further clarification regarding an application for a revised decision already submitted to Customs, please indicate clearly to which claim the clarification refers. Customs will not separately notify you when the processing of the application has begun.

Points to consider

Send the application for a revised decision to the Customs registry office by e-mail to kirjaamo(at) or by post to Finnish Customs, Applications for a revised import decision, P.O. Box 512, 00100 Helsinki.

You can apply using the following customs forms:

  • customs form 643s or 643r (application for repayment/remission of customs duty, in Finnish or Swedish)
  • 99s or 99r (Amendment notification leading to post-clearance recovery, in Finnish or Swedish. You can also apply for repayment using this form)


  • a free-form application containing the required or similar details as well as any other necessary information.

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You can enquire about the matter by contacting the Customs registry office by email to kirjaamo(at), or by phoning 0295 527 000. The registry office will tell you the date when Customs received your claim for a revised decision, that is, the date when the application became pending.

Please note that the processing of your application takes about three months.

You can make a new (replacement) customs clearance for the right customer. Use the same tax determination date in the replacement clearance as in the original customs clearance. Send a request for repayment or remission of customs duties concerning the incorrect customs clearance to the Customs Registry Office

You can lodge an express claim if the customs invoice relating to the incorrect customs clearance decision has not yet been paid and there is at least seven days until the invoice is due. If the due date has already passed, both invoices have to be paid and a repayment can be applied for retrospectively.

Read more: Express claims



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