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One-stage declaration procedure 

A company importing goods from mainland Finland to Åland or from Åland to mainland Finland is responsible for ensuring that a national tax border declaration is lodged for the goods. Lodge the declaration via the Customs Clearance Service or via message exchange.

You can lodge the declaration no earlier than 30 days before the arrival of goods and no later than upon receipt of the goods.

Check here for the details to be provided in the national tax border declaration

Providing the total amount invoiced

If you don’t know the total amount invoiced for the goods when you are completing the tax border declaration, provide an estimate. At declaration header level, provide also the additional information code “FITPA – Import across the national tax border, the data is based on estimates”. 

Provide the total amount invoiced in the Customs Clearance Service in the same way as when requesting amendment: 

  • On the list on the front page, select the declaration for which you wish to provide the actual value information.
  • Open the declaration.
  • Go to “Summary and submission”.
  • Choose “Amendment request” and you will move to the “Amendment request” page.
  • Go to “Declaration header”.
  • Amend the total amount invoiced.
  • Don’t remove the additional information code FITPA.
  • Open “Summary and submission“ again and check under “Comparison of changes” that the value you amended is now correct.
  • After this, go back to “Amendment request”.
  • Enter the reference number you wish to use for the amendment request.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the amendment type “OIK – Changes to declared information”.
  • From the drop-down menu, select as the reason for amendment ”T – Erroneous declaration data, UCC Article 173(3) or Administrative Procedure Act, section 50”.
  • Leave the field “Reasons” blank.
  • You don’t need to add an additional document.
  • Send the request.

Notifying the transport company of the decision on release

Notify the transport company of the decision on release, e.g. by providing the MRN of the declaration, before the goods can be delivered to the destination in Åland or exported across the Åland tax border to mainland Finland.