New Import Declaration Service for private persons has been launched

11.2.2020 12.35
Press release

A new Import Declaration Service for private persons has been launched to better accommodate the needs of declarants. The new service was launched on Tuesday 11 February. The public was involved in developing the service by providing feedback on a test version at fairs, in a Facebook group and at student events. The service is part of an EU-wide overhaul of customs declarations.

What changes were introduced?

The new service allows the user to enter less information than before: for example, the name and address details of a person are automatically carried over to the service on identification. The service also makes it possible to retrieve pre-filled consignment details from some transport companies.

Compared to before, the service contains a larger number of commonly declared goods. If users can find the goods they wish to declare using the search function, they do not have to find out the commodity code of the goods.  Declaring consignments of goods returned after repair or replacement under warranty is also made easier.  

Once the clearance has been successfully completed and Customs has received the payment for it, Customs will notify some of the transport companies electronically that the consignment may be delivered. In the case of some transport companies, declarants must still submit the decision on release to the company themselves. The transport company will inform the declarant of the procedure in the arrival notice. Therefore, it is advisable to read the arrival notice carefully. Without the decision on release, the transport company will not be able to complete the delivery of the parcel.

Tips for using the new service

A separate declaration must be submitted for each consignment arriving with its own notice of arrival in order for the goods to be released for delivery.

Declarations created in the new service are stored for 90 days. Declarations created in the old service are not shown in the new service. However, they are stored in the old service for the time being.

If you cannot find the goods that you want to declare using the goods search, Customs will help you. Our customer service will also help with any questions you may have on how to use the service.

New service built with mobile users in mind

One aim when developing the service has been to enable people to submit declarations to Customs with a mobile device, regardless of time and place. Customs will review the feedback provided on the service and make improvements based on the users’ needs.

“We are looking forward to seeing how the first version of the new service will be received. We are very committed to continue the development of the service based on the feedback we receive, because we have built it for our customers,” says senior customs officer Nadja Painokallio. 

In 2019, more than 100,000 private persons used the Import Declaration Service to declare goods sent from outside the EU.

Goods brought into the Åland Islands

On the Åland Islands, the service is also be used when declaring goods brought into Åland from another EU country across the tax border. 

The use of the service will be extended from the start of 2021, as changes to customs declarations between mainland Finland and Åland are introduced.

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