Authorisations for comprehensive guarantee and payment deferment shall from now on be applied for electronically

3.6.2019 15.11
Press release

You can start applying for authorisation in the Authorisation Service on 5 June 2019. You will find the service on the main page of Customs’ online services.

What can I do in the service?

In the Authorisation Service, companies can apply for authorisations for comprehensive guarantees or payment deferment and browse their authorisation details. You can save your authorisation application as a draft, cancel an application submitted to Customs and copy a previous application as a template for a new one. You can also attach documents to applications.

When you submit your application to Customs, you will receive information on the time limit and progress of the processing of the application. When the authorisation is issued, you can see it in the service. The authorisation will also be sent to you automatically by secure email.

In the service, you can see all your company’s authorisations saved in Customs’ authorisation register, both those that are valid and those that are no longer valid.

What can I not do in the service yet?

If you want to apply for an amendment of a valid authorisation, you shall send the amendment application (pdf) by email to Customs’ Authorisation Centre, as before. You will find the forms on the Customs website.

If Customs contacts you during the processing of the application and requests additional information, follow the instructions provided by the Authorisation Centre.

Authorisations involving more than one Member State are still applied from the Commission’s Customs Decisions System (CD) via its trader portal. Guidance on how to apply can be found on the Customs website.

How do I identify myself in the service?

The service is used with the Katso ID and the roles specified for the Authorisation Service. You can choose the consultative role, the administrative role or the executive role. The consultative role allows you to view details of the authorisations. In the administrative role you can create draft applications and in the executive role you can submit applications to Customs. It is easy to choose the right user role when you follow the instructions on the Customs website.

Where can I get advice?

Customs Business Information provides advice on completing authorisation applications and on using the Authorisation Service. When you are logged into the service, you can ask questions via chat. You can also contact Customs Business information by email or phone.

Business Information’s contact details on the Customs website.

If you have any questions about a pending application or if you want to amend your authorisation, please contact the Authorisation Centre.

When will the service be extended?

From September 2019, you can also apply for authorisations for simplifications and amendments to authorisations in the service. All authorisations can be applied for electronically by the year 2020.

Do you want to participate in developing the service?

From the start, we have developed the Authorisation Service together with our customers. Please give us feedback on the service. You can find the feedback form on the top right corner on the main page of Customs’ online services.

More information:yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at)