Customs’ sever certificates for direct message exchange regarding customer testing and production to be renewed

1.6.2017 8.00
Press release

Finnish Customs renews its sever certificate for direct message exchange on 13 June 2017 for both the customer testing environment and the production environment.

Customers using direct message exchange should check that their company’s software accepts the new certificate.

Customs has two certificates of The Population Register Centre (VRK) in its interface for direct message exchange. The certificates are valid for two years. They are renewed alternately every year.

The certificate to be renewed is valid from 16 February 2017 to 17 February 2019.

Customs’ updated server certificate has been signed with the VRK’s G3-server certificate.

Further information:  Message exchange with Finnish Customs: Direct message exchange technical guidebook chapter 9.4 Renewing the server certificate

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