Customs’ software for direct message exchange will be updated on 30 September 2017

8.9.2017 8.00
Press release

We recommend that customers ensure that their own software works in Customs’ customer testing environment, and that possible inadequacies detected are rectified before 30 September 2017.

The direct message exchange interface configuration will not change, but some details in Customs’ implementation may deviate from before, within the given configuration range. Deviations already observed are as follows:

  • In messages transmitted by Customs via direct message exchange (UploadResponse, DownloadListResponse, DownloadResponse and its ApplicationResponse) the namespaces can be presented in different places than before in the message, and the abbreviations for the namespaces can differ from the once previously used.
  • A new implementation for The XML schema validation has been introduced and is in some parts more accurate than its predecessor. In the schema validation by Customs, a customer’s message might be rejected because of a schema error in their message; an error not detected by Customs’ previous software version.
  • An example of a functionality related to the schema validation: Customs’ schema validator does not retrieve schema files from a place indicated by a SchemaLocation attribute in the customer’s message. Therefore, the customer can leave out the SchemaLocation attributes from the messages they send to Customs. If the SchemaLocation attribute is included in the message, all attribute data must be added (namespace name, location of the schema). Customs’ validator does not allow for an incomplete (erroneous) SchemaLocation attribute.

The software applications being introduced by Customs have already been installed in the customer testing environment and can be tested by customers (and possible software providers used by customers).

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