Authorised consignors and compliance with instructions on authorisations in using means of transport

18.10.2017 12.00 | Published in English on 23.10.2017 at 13.08
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According to the instructions on authorisations published by Finnish Customs, transporting commercial goods as an authorised consignor can only take place by truck or van when the goods exit the Union under the transit procedure via Finland to a non-EEA country. EEA countries comprise the EU Member States as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

If goods are to be transited by passenger car, the transit procedure must always be initiated at the customs office of departure under a standard procedure. This requirement is effective even when it is possible to seal the trunk of the vehicle or the packages.

In the future, customs offices of departure will not receive transits that do not comply with instructions, and will advise persons who present transit declarations concerning goods transported by passenger car to return to the warehouse of the authorised consignor for re-loading the goods into a means of transport that is acceptable.

Instructions for authorised consignors (in Finnish)

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