Changes in Customs’ systems on 25 November - Instructions to message declarants

10.11.2017 8.00
Press release

Customs’ systems will be upgraded on 25 November 2017. Customs’ message declarants are advised to please note the changes described below.   

NCTS transit system

New features:

  • Authorised consignees can declare small deviations and surplus goods with the new code ‘FITULR’ in the unloading report message. Code 2 is added in code list 0093. The reason for the message is mentioned here.

No changes will be made to other Customs’ message exchange systems, i.e. the ELEX export system, the Intrastatstatistics system and the AREX summary declaration system.

Other notifications

ITU import system

As of 1 January 2018, VAT registered importers will no longer have to provide the details which until the turn of the year are relevant only to the value added taxation. Such details are: reduced tax rate and items included in the taxable amount for VAT. (Please note: all customs procedure codes, national procedure codes and additional statement codes must be provided as before).

The declarants do not necessarily have to change their own declaration systems and processes because of this, since Customs still accepts and processes declaration with this data as usual, even though the data is no longer taken into account in the customs clearance decision.

More information
Import customs procedures:yritysneuvonta.tuonti(at)
Customs procedures regarding transport:  kuljetus.varastointi(at)
or tel. 0295 5202 (Customs Information Service, business customers)

The upgraded version and the required system alterations may cause delays in the message exchange and increase the number of incorrect messages. This in turn increases the number of declarations Customs has to process, which may temporarily result in longer response times. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these changes.

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