Katso service to be replaced by Suomi.fi identification and authorisations

29.5.2019 10.37 | Published in English on 7.6.2019 at 10.45
Press release

Suomi.fi identification replaces Katso identification in transactions with Customs. The roles in the Katso service will also be replaced by Suomi.fi authorisations. The new authorisations for customs transactions have been published on the Suomi.fi website in the service e-Authorizations on 28 May

The Suomi.fi authorisations for customs transactions include:

  • Statistical declarations on trade between EU Member States (Intrastat)

  • Customs clearance

  • Viewing authorisations for customs operations

  • Preparing authorisations for customs operations

  • Applying for authorisations for customs operations

  • Message declaration for customs operations (customer testing)

Customs’ e-services will transition to the Suomi.fi identification and authorisations in stages

The Suomi.fi identification and authorisations will first be available in the Åland Tax Border Declaration Service (ALA), with the introduction of the new solutions in August. Regarding import, export, Intrastat declarations, security data declarations, transit, authorisation matters and decisions on binding tariff information, the Suomi.fi identification and authorisations will be introduced in autumn 2019. We will provide information on these separately.

How does Suomi.fi identification differ from Katso identification?

Katso identification was applied for separately from the Tax Administration. In the Suomi.fi service, identification is based on personal banking codes or other approved means. The CEO of the company or another person authorised to sign on behalf of the company should provide the persons handling customs transactions with the mandates needed for the transactions. The service checks whether the identified person is authorised to handle the company’s customs transactions.

The means of identification are:

  • online banking codes
  • mobile certificate
  • certificate card.

What remains the same?

As before, the company authorises the representative who submits declarations on the company’s behalf  (in Finnish); this does not require Suomi.fi identificationHowever, in the case of Intrastat declarations and Åland tax border declarations, the company must authorise its representative with a Suomi.fi authorisation.

The Katso service will continue to be used for identifying and authorising non-Finnish persons until a new identification and authorisation service, currently being prepared, is introduced for them.

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