Accessibility statement: (Customs information for travellers)

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Finnish Customs is committed to making this service digitally accessible to all its customers. We are continually improving the user experience and we apply the accessibility standards required by law.

We have tried to make the contents of as short and clear as possible. Piloting of the service started in autumn 2019.

Other service alternatives

If you are not able to use, there are other service alternatives. You can use our website, call the Customs Information service, tel. 0295 5201, Mon–Fri, 8 am–4 pm, send a written question to Customs Information or visit a customs office with customer service.

Contact details of customs offices

The accessibility of the service

The current accessibility standard of the pages:

  • WCAG 2.1, level AA

The current accessibility of the content:

  • Meets the requirements partially.

The known problems with accessibility

Users may still encounter some accessibility problems in the service, and we apologise for that. If you notice a problem in the service that is not included in the list below, please contact us.

The list will be updated in the coming months as and when we are able to fix these accessibility problems.

  • The problems with the accessibility of the user interface:
  • There are several accessibility problems in the menu.
  • There are some problems with the intelligibility of the language menu and in the use of the keyboard.
  • There is no visible cursor (especially in Firefox).
  • The skip link skips to the wrong place on some pages.
  • The logo is a link, but it does not indicate that the link goes to the start page of the service.
  • The heading levels do not proceed logically.
  • It is not indicated to the user that a link opens in a new tab or window.
  • There are small problems with the scalability of the pages.
  • There are problems with the structure and the html code of the pages, which affect the screen reader user’s user experience (e.g. empty elements, video without title, two main content areas, unnecessary language definitions).

Content linked to

The pdf files that open via the service may not be accessible. For example, the pdf form for the cash declaration is an EU form that, for the time being, does not have a more accessible alternative.

Compatibility with browsers and assisting technologies

The pages are designed to be compatible with the following browsers:
The most popular versions of the browsers Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge. The accessibility was assessed using the browsers Firefox and Chrome.

The pages are designed to be compatible with the following assisting technologies:

  • NVDA screen reader 2019.1.1
  • WebAIM Color Contrast checker


The accessibility of these pages depends on the functioning of the following technologies:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Assessment methods

Customs assesses the accessibility of these pages with the following methods:

  • Self-assessment: the company or the organisation has assessed the pages internally.
  • External assessment: the pages have been assessed by an external party (Eficode, 9/2019) that has not been involved in the design or development of the pages.

Feedback process

We are happy to receive feedback on the accessibility of these pages You can contact us in the following ways:

  • Give feedback on accessibility:
  • The project that carried out the piloting is responsible for the accessibility of, and the project members will also respond to feedback on accessibility.
  • We aim to respond to feedback within five working days.
  • If you are not satisfied with the response you have received from Customs, you can also give feedback on accessibility to the Regional State Administrative Agencies: