Processing of personal data in training

Purpose of processing personal data

Finnish Customs’ Training is responsible for the preparatory training for further qualification in customs operations organised by cooperating institutions, and coordinates training subject to a charge for business customers.

Customs’ Training processes personal data for

  • organising training and teaching
  • managing and compiling statistics of training and credits 
  • developing training and teaching activities
  • communication connected to the activity

The right of Customs’ Training to process personal data is based on article 6(1)(e) of the Data Protection Regulation. 

Categories of personal data

Customs’ Training collects the following personal data of customers:

  • username
  • password
  • first name and surname
  • email address
  • educational establishment and organisation
  • qualification obtained and work tasks

Users of the e-learning environment (Moodle) can save supplementary personal data in the system such as a photo, home address, telephone number and interests. 

For monitoring the use of the e-learning environment and user support, the user’s IP address is collected in the log data as well as the transaction (by the user) and the transaction time. 

Sources of personal data

The personal data are obtained from the users themselves upon course registration and in connection with registration in the e-learning environment ( Personal data are obtained also from cooperating institutions and business customers.

Regular releases of personal data

Personal data that Customs’ Training possesses are not forwarded anywhere. 

In the e-learning environment (, the users name is shown to others users registered for the same course and to Customs’ personnel with a “Teacher” role.  In addition, the user can display other personal data to the other users of the environment .

Personal data collected by Customs’ Training are processed by personnel at Customs’ Training, application management personnel of the service providers as well as by persons who have access to the data systems used by Customs’ Training.

Personal data retention and disposal times

Personal data collected by Customs’ Training are stored for a period in accordance with statutory obligations. The storage times are specified in Customs’ data management plan.

Key storage times for personal data collected by Customs’ Training:

  • Attendance and participation records for further qualification in customs operations 10 years 
  • Course materials 3 years
  • Course units or course completions and grades 25 years
  • Course feedback 5 years
  • Registration and attendance records, other than customer training in connection with further qualification in customs operations 1 year

The user identification of the e-learning environment ( is deleted automatically 24 months after the last log in.

Contact person of the data controller and additional information

Tuomas Weiland