Development of Customs online services

The data privacy statement contains all of the required information in accordance with GDPR Regulation (EU) 679/2016 for a natural person regarding how the data subject’s personal data are processed once they have signed up as a voluntary customer participant in the Customs online services development project. The data subject can represent either themself (“private customer”) or their employer (“business customer”).

Volunteer recruitment is conducted on the website, and through posts on the Customs social media channels during spring 2022. The personal data of applicants will not be associated with customer transactions with Customs.

Data controller

Finnish Customs
Pasilan virastokeskus, Opastinsilta 12, FI-00520 Helsinki
PO Box 512, FI-00101 Helsinki
Tel. +358 295 5299

Data Protection Officer

Katja Kapanen

Contact person for register

Maarit Karhu

Data content of the register 

The data processing concerns the following personal data:

  • email address or telephone number
  • language of communication and age or age range (to ensure heterogeneity)
  • if necessary, interview recording in the form of an audio file.

Additionally, in the signup phase, the participant will be asked questions about their customs declaration experience in order to limit the applications to persons with genuine experience of using Customs services. This information will not be associated with the Customs customer data or actual customs declarations.

For natural persons representing business customers, the responses may be associated with information regarding the name of the employing company and other public information related to the company.

Legal basis for processing

GDPR regulation, article 6, section 1 a: The data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data for one or more specific purposes.

Purposes of data processing

  • Gathering customer insight in order to develop Customs services 
  • Testing of in-development Customs services with the correct user demographics for said services

Data storage and disclosure

  • The personal data is stored in the Customs information systems, which are also protected with restricted access within Customs.
    • The voluntary participants sign up and provide their personal data through the Webropol system. This signup is considered consent to participation in the project.
    • The email address collected as personal data will be used when the voluntary participant is invited to an interview or workshop, conducted remotely or on-site in Customs facilities. In this case, the email address will be recorded in the Outlook email software, which will be used to send the invitations. 
    • The remote events will be organised with the Skype software, which allows users to join anonymously through a web browser.
  • The personal data will be processed only by direct employees or public servant employees of Customs.
  • The personal data will be stored only for the duration of the data subject’s participation in the development project referred to in this statement, which the data subject has personally signed up for. The personal data will be deleted when the data subject requests it, when the development project in question concludes, or by 31 March 2024 at the latest. Requests for the deletion of personal data may be sent to maarit.karhu(at) or anna.melgin(at)
  • Possible interview recordings are an exception to the aforementioned. They will be deleted immediately once their contents have been processed.
  • Any summaries, notes, and other products created based on data shared or created by the data subject in an interview or workshop situation will be stored for a period of time as necessary for the development. The data in question cannot be associated with the data subject, nor can it be distinguished from the data produced by other voluntary participants. 
  • The aforementioned summaries, notes, and other products may be used in other Customs development projects. 

Disclosure of personal data

  • The personal data will not be disclosed to parties outside Customs. 
  • The personal data will not be transferred or processed outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Sources of personal data

The personal data will be collected directly from the data subject in question.


The legislation governing the processing of data, and specifications regarding the data subject’s rights and protection of the processing of personal data have been described on the main page for Customs privacy statements.