Customs’ tasks, strategy and values

Smoothly and correctly – security through cooperation

Finnish Customs

  • enhances smooth international goods trade and ensures its legality
  • collects the taxes on goods efficiently
  • provides customer-oriented services
  • protects society, the environment and citizens.

Strategic objectives of the government programme that especially affect Customs:

  • sustainable growth and budgetary savings
  • digitalisation and deregulation
  • objectives regarding the management of changes in the security environment.

Focal changes in the operating environment from Customs’ viewpoint:

  • The reform of the Customs Code of the European Union and the consequent development project concerning information systems.
  • The transfer of car taxation, excise taxation and value added tax on import from Customs to the Tax Administration.
  • Russia’s situation and its impact on trade and security.
  • Meeting the intensification criteria of EU’s internal border control, due to the growing amount of asylum seekers and fighting terrorism, among other things.
  • The impact of the growth of online trade (customs clearance, control, taxation, crime prevention).

Customs’ strategic objectives

Social impact objectives (society, customer)

  • We provide customer oriented, easy, quick and inexpensive transaction services
  • We fight the shadow economy efficiently
  • We protect society by ensuring product-safety and by preventing cross border criminality

Operational performance (organisation, structure, prosesses, quality and infrastructure)

  • The operational models and the technology support the operations regardless of time and place
  • The managing of Customs processes is coordinated
  • We work in close cooperation on a national and international level 

Resources (personnel and economic resources)

  • Our management and leadership is professional and inspiring
  • We develop our know-how and enable a continuous process of renewal
  • We support the functionality of our working community and the wellbeing of the personnel in a systematic way
  • The organisational and  development goals and resources of the operation are in balance


Follow-up of strategy implementation

The steering group of Finnish Customs regularly follows up the realisation of the strategic objectives. Customs reports to the Ministry of Finance on the progress of the development projects and achieving the objectives.

Professional competence

  • We know our own tasks and duties and their role in the big picture
  • We take a healthy pride in our work and competence
  • We apply the legislation correctly and consistently
  • We operate on our own initiative, we cooperate and want to develop our vocational competence.


  • We treat our colleagues, customers and all interest groups fairly
  • We are reliable in word and deed
  • We are incorruptible
  • We aim to reach the correct result directly.

Willingness to serve

  • We offer expert and high-quality services to our internal and external customers and to all interest groups
  • We invest in customer satisfaction at all stages of the service chain
  • The service we provide is fair, professional and predictable
  • We are transparent when we provide and distribute information.

Respect for the individual

  • We treat others as we wish to be treated
  • We care for each other by lending support and encouragement
  • We treat everybody equally
  • We are open, have empathy for others and give feedback.