Finnish Customs strategy for 2020-2023

The Customs strategy for 2020-2023 guides our operation. In the strategy, we have taken into account the changes in our operating environment and the challenges of the 2020s, which we respond to with chosen priority themes. The central topic of our strategy is social responsibility and the people– together we are more!

Our mission

  • We secure Finland as a part of the European Customs Union and we carry social responsibility
  • We protect people from goods that are a threat to health, and the environment from dangerous substances
  • We support the smoothness of foreign trade and equal conditions for competition between companies
  • We offer excellent services for performing customs transactions
  • Our results are created by working together

Strategic priority themes

Leadership and workplace culture

Finnish Customs values and ethical principles guide our activities. Our leadership is participatory. We work for the benefit of our joint objectives and goals.

  • We increase the participation of our personnel
  • We improve our leadership and the work of our managers by supporting their skills
  • We make the internal cooperation within Customs even closer
  • We are developing the description of Customs’ main processes

Social responsibility

TWe carry out our activities in a multicultural operational environment in a responsible and effective manner; making use of the possibilities and by anticipating threats. Customs is an exemplary operator – a step ahead when it comes to ecological, economic and social responsibility.

  • We increase our societal impact
  • We follow the principles of sustainable development and we participate in the fight against climate change
  • In our operation, we carry out equality, non-discrimination and diversity of working life

Technology and information

Information and technologies improve our services and controls. We are introducing new fail-safe technological solutions.

  • We define the data flows of Customs processes
  • With data we improve our leadership, develop data management and technological solutions in a business-oriented and cost effective way

Personnel and competence

Customs is an attractive employer.We are constantly developing our competence and ensuring the occupational wellbeing of our employees.

  • We reinforce proactive personnel planning
  • We ensure know-how, lifelong learning and career paths
  • We improve occupational well-being and work capacity

Interest groups and networks

Our cooperation helps us achieve our goals as well as produces added value for our customers and partners.

  • We are proactive when it comes to cooperating with authorities, customer groups, interest groups and networks, and we increase customs awareness

Our vision

More than Customs – together one step ahead