Finnish Customs Tariff

The Finnish Customs Tariff (Customs manual II) is based on the Integrated Tariff of the European Union (Taric), which is a database maintained by the European Commission.

The chapters of the Finnish Customs Tariff and the notes to the chapters and sections are published in PDF format in the commodity code service Fintaric

A commodity code must be declared for all goods imported and exported; the customs taxation of goods and the compilation of trade statistics is based on the commodity code. Information about changes to the Finnish Customs Tariff is published in customer notices once a month.  

Combined Nomenclature CN

The Combined Nomenclature is the common nomenclature of the European Community. The 8-digit sub-headings in the nomenclature are used in export declarations and in statistical declarations on internal trade. There are changes to the nomenclature every year and the nomenclature that will come into force in the beginning of the following year is published yearly in the Official Journal of the European Union, by the end of October at the latest.

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  • Fintaric database

  • CIRCABC  (Browse Categories > Taxation and Customs Union > Tariff and Quota Data Information > Library > Reference Documents > Correlation Tables)

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