In its environmental programme, Finnish Customs has committed to decreasing the environmental impact of its activity and to a smaller carbon footprint. The environmental programme of Finnish Customs aims at reducing the consumption of energy and materials as well as increasing environmental awareness.

The WWF Green Office initiative is adhered to at Customs’ office facilities. The Helsinki Customs office in Pasila, received its Green Office label in December 2015.

In addition to implementing its environmental programme, Finnish Customs supervises various activities related to environmental protection and is responsible for controls related to, for example, the trade in endangered animals and plants, transports of dangerous substances, radiation safety, phytosanitary issues, veterinary inspections and taxation on waste.

Finnish Customs has already taken a significant step in reducing its environmental impact. The introduction of electronic customs declarations has shortened the routes of foreign transports of goods. Office facilities are used efficiently according to the office facility strategy of the state of Finland. Acquisitions are made according to the state acquisition strategy in which environmental standpoints are taken into consideration.

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