Information on Customs' development programme

The world is changing and Finnish Customs is being renewed. Presently, Customs is going through the biggest development programme in its history, the Customs digital programme 2015-2020.

The work we do at Customs is very traditional and appreciated. We protect society and we enable smooth foreign trade. The strong growth of online trading and the globalisation make sure that our services and control tasks are needed in the future as well.

Finnish Customs is ranking well in international comparisons and 90 per cent of our services are already digital. We are renewing our systems, as we want to maintain our position as one of the most efficient customs administrations in the world. The growing online trade and flow of goods challenge us to digitalise the rest of our services and to enhance our activity.

New customs clearance system

In the framework of the digital programme of Finnish Customs, the customs clearance system will be renewed and aligned with the new EU legislation. At the same time, we also renew the background services for the customs clearance system. Presently, all EU member states are harmonising their customs clearance systems.

Simple web services

The customers themselves clear purchases ordered from non-EU countries. We are developing easy-to-use web services and customs clearance instructions to make it as easy as possible to clear goods through customs.

In our digital programme we have, for instance, already provided the Customs duty calculator and the commodity code service Fintaric. During spring, we will publish a new customs warehousing web service for businesses.

We are currently building technological conditions so that customers can do business with us whenever and wherever, using whichever device they choose. We also strive to ensure that our digital services work without disruptions and are dependable.

Information efficiently

The work we do here at Customs has more and more to do with information. We need efficient tools for processing goods and the growing flow of information. In Customs digital programme we develop new solutions for our experts regarding analysing and reporting.

Customs has a considerable amount of data, which we recently centralised into a data storage service. This way, we enhance the utilisation and sharing of data within Customs as well as from us to different interest groups.

Artificial intelligence

In Customs’ digital programme we automate routine tasks. This way, customs officials have more time for customers and for more demanding expert work.

We value open-minded and brave ideas from our officials and from our customers. At the moment, we are carrying out tests to find out if artificial intelligence can be of help to customers in clearing goods correctly. We analyse questions posed by customers to the Customs Information Service, and carry out testing to find out if computers can be taught to help customs advisors.

Customs digital programme 2015-2020

  • Facilitates the customs clearance processes of about 18 000 businesses, as well as the work of almost 2 000 customs officers
  • Will facilitate customs clearances of goods ordered by hundreds of thousands of web trade customers

Transaction services and instructions already released

  • Statistical declaration service Intrastat (2017)
  • “What do I need to know about customs clearance?” (2018)
  • “This is how you clear a consignment!” (2018)
  • Customs duty calculator; customs duty assessment tool (2018)
  • Fintaric commodity code service (2018)

More than 200 experts are contributing to the Customs digital programme.



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