Notices of service disruption

Finnish Customs publishes information about interruptions and disruptions directly in the e-services. In addition, we publish separate message exchange disruption notices for businesses.

A disruption in an e-service 

If there is a disruption in the Customs e-services, we will publish a disruption notice in the e-services. It will contain information on what to do during the disruption. Go to the e-services.

Unable to log in to the Customs e-service?

This can be due to the following reasons: 

A disruption in message exchange

Customs will notify customers about interruptions and disruptions by publishing disruption notices for message declarants. See the already published disruption notices.

Disruptions in the systems of other government agencies may also affect customs clearance. See the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s disruption notices (

Subscribe to disruption and interruption notices for message exchange customers

You can also subscribe to the email notices on service interruptions and disruptions for Customs message declarants. The notices contain information on what Customs system the disruption or interruption affects. In addition, there is information on when you can start using the fallback procedure, that is, the exceptional procedure for lodging customs declarations.

Select the topics on which you would like to receive disruption and interruption notices. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time.