Subscribe to disruption notices on message declarations in customs clearance

Customs sends subscribed email notices on service interruptions involving message declarations in customs clearance, and on other ICT disruptions that affect message declarations. The notices also contain information on when you can start using a fallback procedure, that is, an exceptional procedure for submitting customs declarations.

We will release information on disruptions in our online services on the services front page, or on the front page of the application in question.

Published disruption notices 

Unable to log in to the customs declaration service?

This can be due to the following reasons: 

  • There is a disruption in Customs’ e-service. See Customs’ service disruption notices on this page. 
  • There is a disruption in your online bank. Check the disruption notices released by your banking service.
  • Check if there is a disruption in the identification service.
  • There is a problem with your mandates. Read more about identification and authorisations

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Any questions?

E-services’ user support (also the Åland declarations)
24/7 (message declaration support), Monday to Friday 8 am–4.15 pm (other e-services’ user support)