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Offices that offer services only by prior appointment

Customer service hours for offices that offer services by appointment are from Monday to Friday, 8.00–16.15. 

Please note the exceptions:  

  • In Vainikkala, the service hours are 8.00–18.00. 
  • In Kotka, services are offered both by appointment and without an appointment. 

Check this page for specific contact information and service hour details.

Please book your service appointment at least two hours in advance by email or by phone. If you are booking an appointment for 8.00 the following day, please do so no later than two hours before the end of service hours the day before. Check the contact details of the customs office on this page.

Check this page for any specifications on booking appointments in the contact details of the customs office.  

You can book an appointment to handle matters mentioned in this list only: 

  • Confirmation of EUR.1 and A.TR. forms in urgent matters. (Non-urgent forms should be sent by post for confirmation. Please refer to the contact information for postal addresses.)
  • Confirmation of T2L and T2LF forms
  • Confirmation of INF forms
  • Confirmation of ATA Carnets and NATO 302 forms
  • Export licences that require entries by customs officials
  • Entries to wine certificates
  • Customs clearance of cars imported as removal goods by private persons from outside the EU
  • Starting and, if necessary, discharging a transit procedure (also applies to TIR Carnets)
  • Customs clearance of removal goods imported by private persons
  • Identifying a person in connection with an ID control
  • oral customs declaration on a free-of-charge and random consignment from one private individual to another, not containing any restricted products (for example, a gift item).

Vuosaari harbour
Vuosaari mobile group
Länsisatama, 10900 Hanko

Hanko mobile group

Street address: Pansiontie 45, 20210 Turku
Postal address: PO Box 386, 20101 Turku

Southwest Finland mobile group

Merisatamantie 4, 28880 Pori

Satakunta mobile group

Hakunintie 28, 26100 Rauma

Satakunta mobile group

Street address: Patamäenkatu 18, 33900 Tampere
Postal address: PO Box 133, 33101 Tampere

Pirkanmaa mobile group


Ostrobothnia mobile group
Customs office issuing customs clearance carnets by post only

Satamatullintie 3, 67900 Kokkola

Ostrobothnia mobile group
Customs office issuing customs clearance carnets by post only

Merituulentie 424, 48310 Kotka (Mussalo)
  • Monday to Friday without appointment 8.00–11.00.
  • Monday to Friday by appointment 11.00–16.15. Book the appointment at 0295 527 012 or kotka.tulliselvitys(at)
  • Saturday 8.00–22.00 and Sunday 8.00–16.00 by appointment. Book the appointment by 14.15 the previous day at 0295 527 170 or kotka.liikkuvaryhma(at)

Border control and visa services, victualling, shipping permits 
weekdays after office hours, Saturdays 8.00–22.00 and Sundays 8.00–16.00 tel. 040 332 5203

In this customs office, you can pay your customs invoice in cash or by card

Rajamiehentie 46, 54270 Vainikkala
Opening hours: Mon–Sun 8 am–6 pm

Nuijamaa mobile group

Tullipuistonkatu 6, 95401 Tornio

Bay of Bothnia mobile group
Customs offices issuing customs clearance carnets

Poikkimaantie 16, 90400 Oulu

Bay of Bothnia mobile group
Customs office issuing customs clearance carnets