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Oral customs declaration

You can make an oral customs declaration for an occasional consignment that is sent free of charge from one private individual to another, such as a gift consignment. In addition, the consignment must also meet the following conditions:

  • The goods are intended solely for the personal use of the consignee (recipient) or his or her family.
  • The consignment does not contain goods that are subject to restrictions, such as alcohol, tobacco products, foodstuffs of animal origin, animals or plants.
  • The nature and quantity of the goods is such that they are not intended for a commercial purpose.
  • The consignor (sender) does not receive any kind of payment from the consignee (recipient).

You can make the oral customs declaration at one of our customs offices from 8.00 to 16.15, Monday to Friday. Please note that some of our offices offer services by appointment only.

You cannot use an oral declaration to declare goods purchased online.

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