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Åland Islands customs advice for businesses

On this page you will find aggregate information about whom to contact, if your question concerns Åland declarations. 

Dial the telephone service number according to the subject of your question.

Åland Islands tax border information
Mon–Fri 9 am–3 pm

You can ask 

  • about trade between the Åland Islands and mainland Finland (for example, which declarations have to be submitted and when, and, who is responsible for submitting the declaration)  
  • about the use of the service “Recapitulative statements for tax border customers” (ALA).
General instructions for businesses
ma–pe 8–16.15

You can ask 

  • about trade between the Åland Islands and EU countries other than Finland
  • about trade between the Åland Islands and non-EU countries.
Processing state of the Åland import declarations that are being processed
Mon–Fri 8 am–4.15 pm

You can ask about import declarations you have already submitted, that concern the Åland Islands, and that are being processed by Customs.

Secure email

When you send documents containing personal details to Customs, we recommend that you use secure email for safety reasons.