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Transit Declaration Service

You can submit T-transits and TIR transits in the Transit Declaration Service.

When you’ve made a declaration in the Transit Declaration Service, you receive a reference number specific to the transit declaration. Present it at the customs office. Customs will fill in its own sections of the declaration. 


Submitting a transit declaration requires the lodging of a guarantee. If you don’t have a comprehensive transit guarantee you will have to provide a cash deposit as guarantee to covers the taxes. The goods to be transited must also be presented at the customs office. At the customs office, you receive a Transit Accompanying Document (TAD), which shows that the goods have been released for the transit procedure. Only then, can the transport to the customs office of destination begin. 

When the transit is discharged, Customs returns the guarantee you deposited to your bank account or you can use the comprehensive guarantee again. Read more: Guarantees


You can create a declaration either as an unidentified or as an identified user.

Unidentified users receive a declaration-specific reference number generated by the system.
Identified users can also browse their previous declarations, use previous declarations as templates for new ones and edit declarations, before the declaration is processed at Customs. Read more: How to identify yourself and grant authorisations

User instructions

User instructions for the Transit Declaration Service

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Private customer’s customs declaration
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You can ask for practical help in 

  • customs clearance
  • submitting an export declaration or transit declaration
  • using the Import Declaration Service for private persons
  • using the Customs Clearance Service (when you declare, for example, animals or removal goods).
E-services’ user support (also the Åland declarations)
24/7 (message declaration support), Monday to Friday 8 am–4.15 pm (other e-services’ user support)




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