Direct message exchange

Direct message exchange is a service through which Customs’ business customers can send and receive messages via the internet without using a data communications operator.

Direct message exchange is available in the following data systems of Customs:

  • Entry summary declarations in maritime, rail and road transports and exit declarations (AREX system)
  • Customs clearance: declarations for import, warehousing and other import declarations for special procedures, temporary storage declarations of carriers and storage operators, transit declarations and Åland tax border declarations (UTU system)
  • Export declarations (ELEX system)
  • Statistical declarations on intra-EU trade (Intrastat system)

Using the service requires an authorisation for message exchange from Customs.


Any questions?

Instructions regarding special matters (authorisations, guarantees and initiating message declaration)
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For example, you can ask about following subjects:

  • when to apply for an authorisation that is granted by Customs and which are the authorisation requirements
  • when is a guarantee required of me
  • when to initiate message declaration and what does it require of my company.

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