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Authorisations and Decisions Service

At the moment, you can apply for the following authorisations granted by Finnish Customs, as well as changes to these authorisations:

  • comprehensive guarantee authorisation (CGU)
  • payment deferment authorisation (DPO)
  • Authorisations for simplifications:
    • authorisation to use simplified declaration (SDE)
    • authorisation for entry of data in the declarant’s records (EIR)
    • authorisation for the status of authorised weigher of bananas (AWB)
    • authorisation for the simplification of the customs value of goods (CVA)
    • ship supply authorisation (EIA)
  • authorisations for special procedures:
    • end-use authorisation (EUS)
    • temporary admission authorisation (TEA)
    • inward processing authorisation (IPO)
    • outward processing authorisation (OPO)
  • authorisations for transport and warehousing:
    • authorisation for the status of authorised consignee (ACE)
    • authorisation for the status of authorised consignor (ACR)
    • authorisation for the status of TIR authorised consignee (ACT)
    • authorisation for the use of seals of a special type (SSE)
    • authorisations for customs warehousing (CWP, CWP1 and CWP2)
    • authorisation for temporary storage (TST)
  • authorisations involving origin and confirmation of Unions status:
    • authorisation for the status of authorised issuer (ACP)
    • approved exporter authorisation (VVI)
  • other authorisations
    • authorisation for extending the return time for return goods (PPP)
    • place approved by Customs (HPA)
    • decision on message exchange registration (SSA)

You can apply for other authorisations issued by Customs by submitting your application to the Customs Authorisation Centre. Guidance on how to apply can be found on the page Authorisations.

If you have to enter information on the goods, you can upload the details as CVS files in the service. Read more: Instructions for creating and uploading CSV files In the Authorisation Service  (in Finnish)

Until further notice, a company cannot apply for authorisations in the Authorisation Service on behalf of another company. If you act as a representative on behalf of another company, please contact the Authorisation Centre.