Arrival ID enquiry

Pre-completed declaration for the GoodsShipmentInfo web service

Transport companies can make it easier for their customers to submit import declarations via the GoodsShipmentInfo (GSI) web service. With the service, customers receive pre-completed declarations for finalisation in the Customs e-service. A pre-completed item of information can be, for example, the ID number of a warehouse.    

Customers receive information for their declaration with an arrival ID enquiry, that is, by entering the consignment’s arrival ID or consignment note number in the e-service. With that information, the GSI web service retrieves data on the consignment for the declaration from the data system of the transport company.  

Instructions for taking the GSI web service into use

The transport company implements the service in its own system based on specifications from Customs, and applies authorisation from Customs for linking the web service with the Customs system. The functionality of the web service must be tested with Customs. 

You can apply for authorisation via the online service “Applying for a message exchange authorisation”. Under “Declarations for which the authorisation is applied”, select “My company intends to submit advance information to Customs for the import declaration (GoodsShipmentInfo)”. 

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