Message exchange, contact information for businesses

E-services’ user support (also the Åland declarations)
24/7 (message declaration support), Monday to Friday 8 am–4.15 pm (other e-services’ user support)



Transit follow-up
Mon–Fri 8 am–4 pm

You can ask about

  • transit follow-up 
  • monitoring the discharge of the transit procedure
  • supervision of unloading.
Message exchange technical support
Mon–Fri 7 am–6 pm

You can ask about

  • message exchange 
  • technical message follow-up and technical customer testing
  • technical problems related to declaration messages.
Consumer protection
Mon–Fri 8 am–4 pm

You can ask about

  • consumer protection
  • assignments to take samples of imported goods
  • health and quality inspections of fruit and vegetables.
Requests to customers for statistical information on import and export customs declarations (imports) (exports)

Send your answers to these addresses, if Customs has sent you an inspection request concerning information you provided.  No advice is available at these addresses.