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Commodity code service Fintaric

Fintaric is a public service for browsing commodity code information. The Fintaric service is tailored to the needs of the Finnish importer and exporter and is based on data in the Taric database of the European Commission.

Fintaric shows the commodity codes for goods in the Taric database and any restrictions and taxes on them, as well as the Finnish national restrictions.

In Fintaric’s calculation service, you can estimate the amounts of customs duties and taxes for the goods.

See all the instructions for using the Fintaric service. 

The Fintaric distribution service for companies

Companies can also get the commodity code data to their own systems in machine-readable format from the Fintaric distribution service. The technical descriptions of the distribution service intended for software developers have been published as zip files under the Fintaric instructions. The distribution service will be available via the portal.


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