EU databases

  • AEO - Authorised Economic Operator: This site provides access to the information related to Authorised Economic Operators (AEO)
  • CDS - Customs Decisions System Central system to be used for all applications and decisions which may have an impact in more than one Member State
  • Customs offices database - Database of customs offices in EU countries and countries of common transit procedure
  • EBTI - European Binding Tariff Information Database for all binding tariff information that has been issued on request by customs of EU Member States
  • ECICS - European Customs Inventory of Chemical Substances Customs database to identify chemicals and classify them in the combined nomenclature
  • EORI - Economic Operators Registration and Identification number:  Database of Economic Operators Identification and Registration number. Check if EORI number is valid, search on EORI Sharing Authorities, search on EORI Registering Authorities.
  • EORI - validation open interface
  • EU Customs Trader Portal The EU Customs Trader Portal provides a single access point to the online systems for "Authorised Economic Operators" (AEO) as well as "European Binding Tariff Information" (EBTI).
  • MRN follow-up – Movement Reference Number Application to track goods in export via a Movement Reference Number
  • QUOTA - Tariff quotas and ceilings Database for tariff quotas, including daily updated balances of tariff quotas applicable
  • REX – Registered Exporter system System of certification of origin of goods applied in the Generalised System of Preference (GSP)
  • SAMANCTA - Sampling manual for customs & taxation authorities Manual on sampling for laboratory testing
  • Surveillance Daily updated volumes of specific products under "surveillance" imported into the EU in the present and past year
  • Suspensions & Autonomous Tariff Suspensions Information on suspensions both in force and in preparation as well as on quotas in preparation
  • TARIC - EU Customs Tariff Multilingual database covering all measures relating to tariff, commercial and agricultural legislation for import and export
  • TRANSIT – Tracking goods in transit Tracking is done via the Movement Reference Number (MRN)
  • CLASS – Classification Information System Search platform for all the relevant information concerning the classification of a certain product.
  • Central system for the standardised exchange of information

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