identification identification and authorisation is a service maintained by the Population Register Centre (VRK), and support for users of the service is provided by Public Service Info.

The following authentication methods are used in identification:

  • online banking codes
  • mobile certificate
  • certificate card

This is how e-identification works

When is identification alone sufficient? identification is used every time you log in to a service. If the CEO of a company, or another person with signatory rights, browses, prepares or applies for authorisations in person, they do not need a authorisation, since the identification is sufficient due to them already having the right to handle authorisation matters by virtue of their status.

When is authorisation required as well? authorisation is needed whenever a company employee who is not the CEO or who does not have signatory rights is using Customs’ e-services. The CEO must grant such other employees a mandate to handle the customs transactions that are necessary for the company.

Read more about e-Authorisations in transactions with Customs

User support: identification and authorisation: Public Service Info, tel. 0295 000, [email protected]
Customs transactions: Finnish Customs, yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at), tel. 0295 020 500


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