identification identification is used every time you log in to a service. identification and authorisation is a service maintained by the Finnish Digital Agency, and support for users of the service is provided by Public Service Info.

If you have a Finnish personal identity code, you can identify yourself with 

  • online banking codes
  • a mobile certificate (a mobile phone with a SIM card that has a mobile certificate) or
  • a certificate card (an identity card granted by the Police, an organisation card granted by Finnish Digital Agency, i.e. a civil service card, or the card for professionals in social services or medical professionals, i.e. a Sote ID card).

If you cannot identify yourself electronically, you can do business with us in alternative ways or use a representative, for instance a forwarding company or Posti. Customs clearance cannot be done over the phone or by email.

When is identification alone sufficient?

 If the CEO of a company, or another person with signatory rights, browses, prepares or applies for authorisations in person, they do not need a authorisation, since the identification is sufficient due to them already having the right to handle authorisation matters by virtue of their status.

Information on e-Identification
Read more about mandates

User support identification and authorisation:

  • Customer service for companies and organisations: Mon-Fri 10-15, tel. 0295 53 5115. At other times: organisaatiopalvelut(at)
  • Public Service Info: Mon-Fri 8-21 and Sat 9-15, tel. 0295 000, palveluneuvoja(at)  

Customs transactions:

  • Finnish Customs, yritysneuvonta(at), tel. 0295 5202, Mon - Fri 8-16

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Customs Information Service

Customs Information Service