Mandates for foreign companies

To transact with Finnish Customs, foreign companies must register a right to grant a mandate for an assigned person using the Digital and Population Data Services Agency DVV’s mandate service provided by officials. The registration is a requirement for all foreign companies that have a business identifier, that is, an EORI number granted in Finland or some other EU country.

The registration is also mandatory when a foreign company wants to transact using the EU’s e-services and, when logging in to service, selects Finland as the country where it wishes to be authenticated.

The registration process may take months to be completed, so it is advisable to start the process well in advance.

If a non-Finnish person handles the company’s transactions with Customs, this person must apply for a foreigner’s identifier (UID) in the Finnish Authenticator Service.

How a company can give a non-Finnish person the right to grant a mandate for a foreign company

  1. Make preparations

    • The company must have an EORI number. Apply for a number in your own country if your company is established within the EU.
    • Decide who will be given the right to grant a mandate, that is, the right to authorise other persons to transact with Customs on behalf of the company. The person to be authorised is usually the CEO or managing director of the company, but the person can also be, for instance, the CFO or the head of operations in Finland.  
  2. Non-Finnish person that the company gives the right to grant mandates to others for transactions with Customs 

    • The non-Finnish person should apply for a foreigner’s identifier (UID) in the Finnish Authenticator Identification Service. The company needs the identifier for the application to register the mandate that is to be submitted later.
  3. Submit an application for the registration of the right to grant a mandate  

    • Submit a registration application in the mandate service provided by officials to give the non-Finnish person the right to grant a mandate. Add the foreigner’s identifier (UID) of the person to the application.
    • The person who signs the application must have the right to sign for the company. Print out the application and mail it to the DVV as instructed or submit it at one of the DVV’s service locations.
    • Links to the mandate service provided by officials: 

    • Instructions for filling in the application:
      • In the application, enter the company as the assignor and provide the foreigner’s identifier (UID) for the assignee.
      • Only specify those mandates for transactions that the assignee can grant to the persons transacting with Customs at your company.
      • It is advisable to give the assignee the right to grant the following mandates for transactions: 
        • Customs clearance (all customs declarations)
        • Viewing customs authorisations 
        • Drafting customs authorisation applications
        • Applying for customs authorisations 
        • Message exchange with Customs
          Read more about mandates in transactions with Customs 
      • The DVV will notify you by email once the mandate has been registered. 
  4. Submit details to Customs 

    • Using form 1131e, notify Customs of your company’s EORI number and the EU VAT ID or national business ID that you have provided to the DVV in the application for registration of the mandate. Send the form to Customs as instructed in the form after you have filled in the application for registration of the mandate.
  5. Non-Finnish person who has now obtained the right to grant a mandate 

    • After the company has obtained an email from the DVV stating that the right to grant a mandate has been registered, the non-Finnish person can identify him- or herself in the e-Authorisations service using the foreigner’s identifier (UID) from the Finnish Authenticator Identification Service. The person can now grant a mandate for transactions to the person who will use Customs’ e-service.

      • If you are going to use Customs’ e-service yourself, you must also grant the mandate for transactions to yourself.

      • If you are granting the mandate to another non-Finnish person, that person must obtain a foreigner’s identifier (IUD) in the Finnish Authenticator Identification Service as described under item 2. Once the person has obtained the UID, you can grant him or her mandates for the transactions that he or she needs.

        Example: if the carrier authorises the driver to submit presentation notifications for goods transported across the Åland tax border, the driver should be granted the mandate for transactions “Customs clearance”.

      • If you are granting the mandate to a Finnish person, you will need his or her personal identity code for the authorisation.


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