Skip to content identification and mandates when applying for authorisations through the EU’s Trader Portal

In these EU authorisation services the identification and authorisations are always used:  

•    Customs Decisions System (CDS) for applications of authorisations involving more than one Member State
•    BTI for applications of Binding Tariff Information, and
•    eAEO for applications of AEO authorisations

In this text, ‘authorisations’ refers to authorisations involving more than one Member State, to BTI decisions and to AEO authorisations.

Granting mandates to employees of applicant companies

The mandates are granted using the e-Authorizations service of the website.

  1. Log in to e-Authorizations using your own online banking ID codes, a mobile certificate or certificate card.
  2. Select Acting on behalf of a company and which company you wish to act on behalf of.
  3. Select "Grant a mandate" and select one of the following mandate types:
    1. mandate for transactions: the person or company has the right to act on behalf of your company or
    2. right to grant a mandate: the person has the right to grant mandates for transactions on behalf of your company
  4. Under Parties, enter the name and personal identity code of the employee.
  5. Select the tasks that the assigned person is authorised to do
    1. viewing authorisations for customs operations or
    2. preparing authorisations for customs operations or
    3. applying for authorisations for customs operations.
  6. Specify a period of validity for the mandate.
  7. Check and confirm that the details in the summary are correct.

More detailed instructions can be found on the website.

Granting a mandate to a representative, that is, to another company

A mandate is also needed if the company wishes to authorise a representative to handle the authorisation application process.

Customs does not recommend that e-Authorizations be used in e-services when representatives act on behalf of principals, as the representative can view all the details of the principal. However, if you nevertheless want to use a representative, we advise you to contact Customs Business Information.


Identification in the EU’s e-services

Log in to the EU Customs Trader Portal (TAXUD Authentication Portal). identification and authorisations are used in these services.

  1. Select your language in the top right corner
  2.  When logging in, select the following details (both as authorisation applicant and representative)
  • the domain of the application you request access to: Customs
  • country where you want to be authenticated: Finland
  • type of actor: Employee

I am acting on behalf of:

  • the following (natural/legal) person with
  • type of actor: select Economic Operator
  • type of ID: EORI
  • ID: enter the EORI-number of the company applying for the authorisation

Always select “directly” regardless of whether you are an employee of the applicant company or of a representative

Finally, give your consent to sharing information from the identification with the EU Customs Trader Portal by ticking

“I give my consent to request my Identity Profile information and share it with UUM&DS and Customs EIS”.

3. Next, select authentication method.

4. Then, the identification service states which details about you are being transferred to the portal.

5. The “Continue to service” button of the authentication page takes you to the e-service.


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