If your payment is delayed

If your payment is delayed, you will receive a payment reminder from Customs. When you pay the total amount of the invoice no later than on the due date, the entire debt will be paid at once, including the interest due for late payment.

Delayed payment of the periodic filing

If the payment of the periodic filing, i.e. the consolidated invoice, is delayed, you’ll have to pay additional tax on the national taxes in each customs clearance and taxation decision in the periodic filing. You’ll also have to pay penalty interest, at least three euros for each decision.

Interest on arrears of customs duties

Interest on arrears is imposed in relation to customs duties according to the interest rate published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The rate of interest shall be equal to the interest rate which the European Central Bank has applied to its main refinancing operations, on the first day of the month in which the due date fell, increased by two percentage points.
Interest on arrears will not be levied if its amount for each collection measure is less than 10 euros.

Temporary financial difficulties 

It is possible to request additional time to pay the customs duties and charges due to temporary financial difficulties. A free-form application for deferment of payment can be submitted to Customs Debt Collection by post or by email. In the application, indicate the decision for which you are applying deferment of payment as well as your suggestion for a payment schedule. 

Where to find further information?

Tel. +358 (0) 295 5200 (exchange), perinta(at)tulli.fi

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