Changes affecting message declarations for customs warehousing from late 2020

17.12.2019 8.00
Press release

The message implementing guidelines (MIGs) for customs warehousing declarations will become a part of the MIGs for customs declarations for import. The new data contents are available on the Customs website: Message implementing guidelines – import – second phase.

What will change?

The schema used for customs warehousing declarations will be more extensive. There will be changes in providing the location of goods as well as in the structure of the commodity code and of the supplementary unit. A new detail that must be provided is the nature of the operator, regarding declarant, representative and importer.

Be prepared for changes in good time

Message exchange customers must update their customs declaration software to match the new guidelines. The data contents will change in late 2020. Until then, the essage implementing guidelines for customs warehousing, available on the Customs website, are valid.

Message declarants do not need to test their software because of the changes, but software suppliers and service providers must test the changes together with Customs in October–November 2020.

Later, we will specify when the new MIGs are introduced.

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